Winter Project

I am a gardener. When the weather is good, as it is about 8 or 9 months of the year in Alabama, I am outside. So during the winter months, (which don’t last long!) I try to get an indoor project or two done. 

Kitchen Before

First I updated the living room (read about that HERE). The kitchen was nice. There were LOTS of cabinets and storage and a lot of brown, and tan and beige.

Kitchen Before

I would love to have white cabinets, but I knew that was a major project that I just didn’t have the money time or energy to do yet. So I started with painting the walls of course. I researched kitchens on Pinterest and knew I wanted blue. So I bought several samples to test.

Blue samples above the window.

I tested the sample in three different spots and finally decided on a color and began to paint.

Gorgeous Blue

The blue was perfect! And in fact, it looked good enough with the brown cabinets that I am temporarily ok with not having them painted.

Seeing the Blue next to the cabinets for the first time.
The first wall is complete.
My open shelves

Did I mention that our kitchen joins our study?


Read about our house search HERE.
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  1. Nikki says:

    Thanks for stopping by Rose! I had a blog in the past, way before Facebook became so popular. But when I switched over, I dropped the blog. I am trying to recover all that info now. LOL

  2. Malone Mama says:

    In the kitchen, they did use a sprayer and it took two coats. She also did her bathroom by hand and that took 3 coats. But didn't have to deal with the clogging up sprayer parts 🙂

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