Romance at Home Depot

Romance at Home Depot

In January of 2008 we took a long weekend trip to Vegas. It was the first time either of us had ever been. We had a good time but Mr. Menace spent a lot of time in bed, so I actually did a lot of sight seeing on my own. I put in a lot of miles walking up and down the strip.


Luxor Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV

We didn’t know why he wasn’t feeling well at the time. He didn’t feel bad necessarily, but he just didn’t have much energy or enthusiasm.

We returned home and on February 12 he had his second heart attack. Luckily he was at the office and I called 911 and he got to the hospital quickly. His cardiologist put in another stent and told him that open heart surgery was surely in his future.

On April 8, I asked Dennis if I could borrow his truck because I wanted to go to Home Depot and get several bags of compost and manure, along with some tiling supplies for a bathroom makeover. He said the trucks tires were unreliable and he would just drive me.

Unbeknownst to me, a plan had been brewing in his mind ever since he got out of the hospital the month before, but he had not figured out all the details. He had been trying to think of a place that would mean something to me, but so far had been unsuccessful. Instead of putting it off again, he decided that this was the day.

We headed out to Home Depot and after we first loaded up a cart with plumbing supplies, we headed out towards the garden center for the compost and manure. Along the way, we walked past this gazebo.  (Similar one HERE)

He asked me if I liked it, which rather annoyed me. I was in a hurry to get my stuff, get home and get to work and I did NOT need a tent! It would not even fit on  my deck…. THEN, he pulled me over and told me to sit down under the gazebo which… really! WHY was he wasting my time????

When he sat down, I began to worry. I asked him if he was ok, because he never stops to rest like that, and it HAD been less than a month since his heart attack! As I sat down beside him, he assured me he was fine and he began to speak about me doing my projects… and he doing his projects… and that maybe we should start doing projects together.
I just looked at him a little dumbfounded. And then he asked me to marry him.
Now, Dennis is quite the prankster, so I didn’t believe him. I thought it was all a set up for a joke. I looked around for a manager or some accomplice that might be taking pictures and laughing.
There was nothing, so I asked him if he was kidding. He said no, I’ll even get on one knee. He then pulled a ring out of his pocket.
It happened to be toy wedding decor ring that you buy from Walmart, you know the ones…. 100 in a bag for a couple of dollars…… Well, I was still just looking at him with a stupid blank look, trying to figure out what the joke was, when he said, “Yes or no, my knees are killing me!”
That made me smile and I said yes, and hugged him as a tear rolled down my cheek. I wore that toy ring proudly.


I really can’t remember if I did any yard work that day (I think I did) but that evening we went out to celebrate our new engagement.

Dinner at The Bright Star

Dinner at The Bright Star

Here we are April 8, 2008 at The Bright Star, having a celebratory dinner. And FREE DESSERT compliments of the owner.

I asked him when he’d like to have the wedding and he said “a month ago.” RomanceSo I jumped on the planning and we decided it would be easiest and cheapest to fly to the Bahamas and have the wedding and honeymoon there at the end of May.

On May 21, 2008, one week before our wedding trip, Dennis told me that our boss wanted some nice pictures of us to make an engagement /wedding announcement for us. It was to be a surprise so I couldn’t let on that he told me, but he couldn’t figure out how else to get any pictures.

Posing at the Temple of Sibyl

Posing at the Temple of Sibyl

So here we are posing for a wedding announcement per “request from our bosslady.” — at Temple of Sibyl.

 It was a magical setting very near our bosslady’s house. And I fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

When in reality, it was all a lie.

Engagement #2

Engagement #2

But he pulled out a diamond ring and asked me again to marry him.

Two diamond rings actually. He said he couldn’t make up his mind which one to use. 


He’s a keeper. (But just don’t believe anything he says!)

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  1. Michelle says:

    This is such a sweet story. I would have been irritated too in Home Depot because I get my stuff and I get to the project at hand. What a nice surprise. I say he is a keeper.

    • gwingal says:

      Hi Grammie! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I can be an impatient person…. But I must say, it was worth the wait. I still smile about it.

  2. Christine says:

    Oh what a sweet sweet man….He made romance right where he stood. Bless his heart! (literally, lol) Not many men can pull off a proposal to make me teary with manure a few feet away! That’s so cute. I am so glad you shared this…

    Have a great night and a Happy belated Congrats on the wedding too!

    • gwingal says:

      haha LITERALLY! He is one of a kind! I guess I should have mentioned that at that time I went to Home Depot every single weekend. So he was sure that was MY place. 🙂

  3. Lela says:

    This story is so adorable! Best engagement store ever! Thank you so very much for sharing your sweet story at Inspiration Thursday. It definitely made me smile!

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