Bee Yard ~ Apiary

Bee Yard ~ Apiary

Last year when we bought the two bee hives, we had no idea we’d be wanting to build an Apiary. You can read about the homecoming bee adventure by clicking Here.

The hives (boxes) included in the bee purchase are old and a bit dilapidated.

The honey bees were busy as bees though!

Now that the bees have decided to stay for over a year, we decided it is time to give them their own Home Makeover. So Mr. Menace decided what he wanted the hives to look like and bought new boxes, which he stained on the outside and charred on the inside.

He bought copper nails and brass screws to put them together with, which makes a very cool detail.

Next, his vision included a honeycomb shaped “garden” for the hives to sit amongst. He entertained several different materials to create the hexagons and finally decided on landscape timbers.

Mr Menace was really excited about this project and got started on it right away.

When he finished cutting the sides of the hexagons, it was then time to take them to the garden and create the honeycomb structure. He wanted the new apiary to be in full sun and I wanted it to be visible from the inside the house.

So we ended up putting it where my vegetable and herb garden had been. This gives us a great view from the kitchen and from our deck. The next chore was moving my herbs and digging out the rest of the grass.

When we finished digging out the grass, Mr. Menace leveled up the ground and the honeycomb structure. Then it was time to go plant shopping. I had already done quite a bit of online shopping and finally decided that for this year, I was just going to go with whatever I could find at the local stores.

Mr. Menace wanted a low growing flower that would bloom for a long time. Since they will be in full sun, I was pleased to find lot of Moss Rose, also know as Portulaca, and I bought 7 flats.

The Apiary

We are going for beauty this year. Eventually, we want to plant clover, which would be pretty and also be more beneficial for the bees, but that will take some planning ahead. I hope to get prepared for that before next spring.

I loaded up each hexagon with my homemade compost. You can read about how I make my own compost HERE. And I planted moss rose until my back ached!

The hives that he has set in place now are empty. He is hoping to catch a couple more swarms of bees this spring to fill these hives too. He will be moving the hives that are full of bees to our new apiary in the next few days.

We have a few more things to do to finish this project up. I am in the process of moving my compost pile from behind here. That will clean up the look of the Apiary. And I have now moved that last herb, mullein,  that you see in the pictures.

When he gets the bees moved in, I will be posting updated pictures. And also as the moss rose spreads and blooms, it should make for some gorgeous photo ops.

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  1. Lisa Hollowell says:

    Wow what a great design! The bees should be rushing to be the first to live in these new hives. 🙂

  2. acraftymix says:

    That looks lovely, the design is gorgeous and so appropriate. I can’t wait to see what it looks like when everything is in full bloom. The bees are going to love it

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