Keeping up with the Jones’s

Keeping up with the Jones’s


Keeping up with me anyway!

What I did


didn’t do this weekend.







I DID hang the wire flower basket below the shed window. You can read about my shed and how we took it from ugly metal to cute by clicking  HERE.



These are herbs that I dug out of the new Apiary several weeks ago. Read about the Apiary HERE. I DID NOT get them replanted because I can’t decide WHERE I want to build my new herb bed.  Decisions!



I added more leaves to my compost pile. It is unbelievable just how many leaves our 7 oak trees drop each year! Read about how I compost HERE.



I DID NOT get the old compost pile cleaned up and moved for a better view behind the Apiary, and that’s mostly because my new pile is full right now and I don’t have anywhere to put this pile yet. But on a good note, that cilantro is BEAUTIFUL! It comes up volunteer in my compost pile every year. I saved it to put into my new herb garden when I get it built. See above note about herbs…



I DID get the Fairy house moved to the sun and planted. You can read about my adorable Fairy House by clicking HERE.



I DID NOT get the vacated spot cleaned up and ready for its next occupants, my deer family. You might wonder about my deer family…. but that’s a future post. Be sure to check back with me for that!



I DID weed the Apiary and it looks marvelous! Just look how that moss rose has grown and is just blooming its little heart out!



I DID NOT get Mr. Menace to remove his pan of old wax from my Fairy House front porch. Why does it seem like that every time I fix up something cute, or just clean up a spot,  it looks to him to be JUST the place for him to place whatever he is working on? LOL Life with men…


Oh well. There is always next weekend!

What did you do? or not do??



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  1. Crystal says:

    I wonder if your herb bed could go where the compost pile you need to move is? Once you move it, there would be a nice layer of decomposed “stuff” there…no more fertilizer needed. Bees like herbs. It is kind of a long ways from your door, I suppose.
    I haven’t seen your deer family, but I think they would look good hanging out among some hostas…Hostas are so easy and there’s lots of shade right there.
    This weekend…I pulled up some poison ivy around the girls “dirt box” after I discovered a rash on Autumn’s face!! I watered all my plants…does that count? It was a nice weekend, but it has gotten HOT. So we were outside, but playing in the slip and slide, not working 🙂

    • gwingal says:

      Well, its not really any further than it was when it was in the garden, but I’m afraid it will get too cluttered looking there. I’m kindof thinking I’d like it closer to the house, but haven’t decided on a good sunny place yet. And yes, I’d love more hostas! and so would the deer. Surely you’ve seen them? They are made of rebar? I sprayed some poison ivy. And YES watering plants counts, it is very time consuming! Someone should invent an old peoples slip and slip with padding underneath it. 🙂

  2. Leanna says:

    I am always saying, if there’s a nice clean spot, it doesn’t mean put your crap here lol… Glad I am not the only one….I also had worker bee weekend, not so much gardening as painting. Nice to finally be outside though.

    • gwingal says:

      Oh thank you Leanna. I felt guilty the whole time I was typing that line, but REALLY! I did not clean up that area just for you to put stuff there. LOL

  3. Kristi Wheeler says:

    The apiary looks amazing! I just love that the flower beds are in the shape of honeycomb! It really looks amazing. You did a wonderful job! Visiting from Wonderful Wednesdays!

    • gwingal says:

      Thank you Kristi! I am very pleased with the design. It is a great addition to our garden. Thanks for visiting! 🙂

  4. vmorgan456 says:

    Love the look of the apiary! so pretty. You know this is an encouraging post -look at all you accomplished. Please come to my house design a beautiful garden!

    • gwingal says:

      Thank you so much for the compliment! I sometimes think I’d like to work designing people’s gardens, but then I realize how tired my back is at the end of a day in my own garden…. hahahaha Thanks for visiting me! 🙂

  5. Jann Olson says:

    Well I’d say you accomplished quite a bit! I didn’t get nearly as much done last weekend as I wanted to. Hoping to get to it this weekend. 🙂 Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    • gwingal says:

      Hi Kate. Mr. Menace gives it back to the bees. They will reuse it. And we are newbies…. still learning, but glad to share what we do know. 🙂

      • gwingal says:

        I guess I should also add that it can be used for candles and such too. But this that we had was very old and not very pretty.

  6. April J Harris says:

    You really did accomplish a lot and it looks great! It sounds like you had a very long to do list for the weekend – I make my to lists too long all the time, it’s something I’m working on. You should be proud of what you did accomplish because it’s a lot! 🙂 I really enjoyed the photos. Thank you so much for being a part of The Hearth and Soul link party.

    • gwingal says:

      You are so right April. I do tend to make my lists too long. But I’m ok if I don’t finish it all. It’s just a “suggestion.” LOL Thanks so much for the party and for visiting me. 🙂

    • gwingal says:

      Hi Mary! So good to see you again. I love my yard work, but once in a while I do wish it was all DONE. But then what would I look forward to doing? Thanks for visiting and commenting. 🙂

  7. Vickie says:

    You are getting there and everything will be done in due time. 😉 It looks like your husband and mine are from the same parents. It never fails! Last week I had placed a few wooden stakes strategically the orchard/garden area so that the hose wouldn’t hurt any plants while I was watering. He didn’t realize why these stakes were put upright into the ground (I thought it was obvious), so he pulled the stakes and put them away in the tool shed. Two of my melons ended up getting beheaded. Aurgh!!! Men!!!

    • gwingal says:

      Oh Vickie. I do not allow Mr. Menace on our riding lawn mower. My heart cannot take the loss of so many of my dear plants! LOL Thanks for sharing your story with me. 🙂

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