I was Given $10K

I was Given $10K

Well, not exactly. But if I were…

Do you have a dream project for your home? But not the cash? I’m guessing that we all do. So. What if…. what if you were given a budget of $10,000 for this project? What would you do with it? What would that project be? One big project? Or several small ones??

I have one complaint about my house; It’s dark. We have minimal windows and the ones we do have are not very big. I dream of light & bright rooms, with lots of windows. Like this one…

I also dream of an open space where there is actually room to arrange furniture in different ways depending on my mood. A living room wider than 11 feet. Where a big screen tv doesn’t seem to take up the width of the whole room. And the light from all the fabulous windows just flows from one room to the next with no obstructions. A room like this one…

Our new deck is the first thing I’ve ever hired built and the biggest project that I’ve ever done, so I am not familiar with the costs of major updates, but I have done a little online research and I think I could at least get my first two items done within the $10K budget.

First, I’d have the wall that divides my rooms removed, so that the living area is one big open space, making the living room, dining room, kitchen and study all open to each other would make the space feel so much larger.

In the picture below, it is the wall on the left, behind the sofa, that I want to remove. This room is so narrow that there is only one way that the sofa can sit. I have tried it crossways, and angled and neither one works! It leaves NO room to walk past. I even bought a loveseat to replace the sofa and again tried it crossways and angled and STILL neither one left enough walking space.  If the wall was gone, there would be several options for the sofa placement, and both this room and the room behind that wall, the study, would be brighter.


The big brick wall in the picture below is the wall at the end of the living/dining room and the kitchen, and the tiny window that you see, is in the kitchen with no window on this wall in the living room.

Second, I would add a window in the living room to match this one in the kitchen. And if I could, I’d actually love for both windows to be a bit bigger.

A third option, funds permitting, would be to add skylights. Something along this line would work splendidly:

Somehow, I suspect that I have blown my budget of $10,000.00, but Earnest can help with a personal loan for that problem!

Here are a few more inspiration photos for what might really work in my house.

How would you spend $10,000?



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  1. Lisa Hollowell says:

    On HGTV they make it look easy – just smash down the wall! Of course it’s not so easy – some friends did that and it ended up being a huge mess and cost money. If I had extra house money – I would have the bathroom redone. I hate the old laminate floor – it’s the old textured kind. I’d like a black/white tiled floor. And the tub is grungy looking. I’d love a claw foot tub (with shower). And I’d pay someone to do all the painting I want to do but don’t have time for! (Right now I’m thinking of the dark wood paneling in the entrance hallway and stairwell.) It’s fun to dream!

    • gwingal says:

      Yea… HGTV is unrealistic isn’t it! I know my wishes would take a lot of work and at our age, I don’t even want it done if we can’t hire someone else to do it. If it was JUST taking out a wall, well, we could do that, but this would involve putting in a header. Oh, and I want columns from Mama to put there…. sigh… I do dream big.
      I’d need way more than $10K I think to redo our bathrooms like I want them….. but YES to a claw foot tub! So gorgeous.

  2. LittleItaly2008 (@LittleItaly2008) says:

    I got so excited for you because I initially thought you did win 10K. What would I do…hmmm where do I begin? Fix the roof, put in a real driveway, have a large pine tree removed, fix the sink hole in my yard that a flood from last year created, put in a new fence/retaining wall….the list is endless.

    • gwingal says:

      oops! But thanks for being happy for me! haha I sure know what you mean about having an endless list. I do too. And if I was actually paying $10K for upgrades, this might not be my first choice. But since it was a “dream”, I chose a dream upgrade. Thanks for commenting. Its fun to see what people would like to change. 🙂

  3. Carole @ From My Carolina Home says:

    I love those beautiful kitchen photos, I do not have any space available to expand the kitchen in any way. Our home is 50 years old, very wide and shallow to fit on the mountain side, and the kitchen is so tiny. But if I had a windfall, I’d add dormer windows to my attic master suite so I could see the view from the bedroom and have even more light.

  4. Beverly Roderick says:

    Love those photo-so bright and airy! I’m always thinking of upgrades I’d love to have done. Our house is quite large, but for whatever reason, the builders decided that it didn’t need a large kitchen. I would remove the raised bar that’s at an angle and curved and reconfigure it into a straight bar and extend the kitchen area into the breakfast nook area. That would mean relocating the sink. Then, of course, I’d need to blow out the exterior wall of windows in that area and take up some of the deck space. I don’t think 10k could do all of that though, but it is nice to dream about.

    • gwingal says:

      Oh Beverly, that sounds wonderful! I can tell you’ve thought about this before… haha dreaming is fun isn’t it! 🙂

  5. Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures says:

    Hmmm… $10,000… We live in an old rock farmhouse with quite a large basement, but one wall has cracked and leaks if we get much rain. I would love to repair that wall and use the basement for a large laundry room and janitors closet. That would free our small laundry room for a charming breakfast nook. -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    • gwingal says:

      Oh that sounds great! In fact, Marci, it makes me rethink my choices…. My laundry is downstairs but it has no walls and is just part of the garage and Mr. Menace’s shop. So. dust and smells abound. I really should have walls built so it is an actual room that can be kept clean. 🙂

  6. Crystal says:

    The interior of our house desperately needs painting! The upstairs could do with either some new carpet or a really good cleaning. I also would love to rebuild our deck or add a nicer/bigger front porch. $10K is NOT enough 🙂

    • gwingal says:

      hahaha I totally agree that $10K doesn’t go very far. If I were you I’d go with the deck or the new carpet (and you might could do both!) because you and I could, if we chose to, do the painting…. 🙂

  7. MyHusbandHasTooManyHobbies says:

    I dream all the time about what I would do and I’m with you on the windows! We have and open floor plan and I love it, of course I could love it more if I had more windows . . .oh yeah, and perhaps a large music room/sun room . . . opening up to my new partially covered patio . . . oh I could go on and on. Love your pictures!

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