Here Fishy Fishy

Here Fishy Fishy

When I was growing up, Mama had a fish pond in the yard outside our kitchen windows. She had a pretty flower bed there and a bird feeder. She bought the cheap small plastic swimming pool from the dollar store in town and buried it so that it was level with the ground. We had goldfish in that pond year round. This started my love for outdoor goldfish ponds. I often call my fish singing “here fishy fishy”. They don’t usually come, but that doesn’t stop me from calling.


A few of years ago I brought home a truck load of fun items from my mama’s. The fireplace mantels that you see in my living room and my bedroom,  my bar stools, a couple of bookshelves, the church pews on my front porch, a glass door cabinet, a table, and an iron wash pot that belonged to my Uncle Henry.

Water Garden

Uncle Henry was my grandfather and his wife, Aunt Modie, my grandmother.

Confused? My Daddy’s parents died when he was a young boy and Uncle Henry took Daddy home with him to raise him. So even though we called them by their technically correct relationship names, they were my Grandparents. We grew up just down the road from them and I have many memories of good times spent with them and at their house.

Water Garden


I call it my “Uncle Henry fish pond”. I bought several goldfish and a couple of plants and set it up in a small bed by our driveway. But where it was, I really never looked at it, or paid it enough attention.

Water Garden

So I decided to move it. I was in the process of building a new flowerbed and decided that I would see it more if I moved it to the new bed. Iron wash pots are extremely heavy, so I disassembled it in order to move it.


It’s new location has been perfect. I see it every day.


Over the years, I have added more aquatic plants and solar lights and the flowerbed has filled in. This might be my favorite part of my garden.


All of my original fish have passed away, so this spring I went to Pet Smart and bought 6 goldfish and 1 catfish. Four of those didn’t make it through the first week, so I am down to 3.

When you get your bag of fish home, you need to place the bag unopened into the water of their new home and leave it for an hour or so. This is to allow their water and body temperatures to become the same.

After they have had time to acclimate themselves, you can open the bag and release them into your pond.

My plants have grown so much, I have since pulled out quite a bit of the greenery on the left and added it to my compost pile.

Have you ever had a small goldfish pond?



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  1. Lisa Hollowell says:

    That looks so nice Nikki! Did you buy the water lilies/pads? We have one of those pots from Mom Jenny here too. Right now it’s full of water and tadpoles. Do you feed your fish?

    • gwingal says:

      I bought the lily pads from Pet Smart I think. I’ve had them several years now, so I could be wrong.I would LOVE to raise some tadpoles! Crystal and the girls did this year. I feed the fish sometimes. I try to do it regularly at first to help them get used to me. But then they only get fed when some of the grandkids come over and want to feed them. I do feed them more regularly in winter. 🙂

  2. Mary-The Boondocks Blog says:

    What a beautiful garden you have cultivated over the years Nikki! When the flowers are in bloom it is spectacular. And your lovely fish pond is a dream. So much in there to see and admire. I am coming over for a visit, even if I have to swim across the Atlantic! 😉

  3. Everyday Living says:

    Nikki, thanks for sharing at Gardens Galore. What sweet memories you shared and I love that you are using the iron pot in your garden as a fish pond. Everything looks beautiful, wishing good luck with the remainder of your fish! Thanks so much for following!

  4. April J Harris says:

    I love this post! What a beautiful garden you have, and your pond really is gorgeous. It was so nice to learn a little bit about your family – and also to see how you are remembering special members in your garden every day. This is what Hearth and Soul is all about, and I’m featuring this post at the party this week. Thank you so much for sharing, and for being a part of Hearth and Soul.

  5. Sharon@BlueWillowHouse says:

    Your fish pond and water garden a so special since you can look at it every day and remember your roots. Thank you for sharing your special post at the Snickerdoodle Create~Bake~Make link party! I am featuring your post at Snickerdoodle this Saturday.

  6. Grammy Dee says:

    I love the aquatic plants and the solar lights and of course the wash pot pond too! The flower bed is so pretty! I just read Goldfish Dinner and I’m still full of questions 🙂

  7. Dr Sock says:

    Our new home has a water feature which includes a mini waterfall and a pond. I was delighted to discover that it also has goldfish in it. Having goldfish will be a new experience for me. I’ll have to learn how to look after them, especially during the winters which can be cold and sometimes snowy.


    • gwingal says:

      Hi Jude, Your new gardens sound fantastic! Much more elegant than mine I suspect. I would love to see it! 🙂

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