If the Shoe Don’t Fit

We have all heard what we should do “if the shoe fits”, but what if the shoe DON’T fit?

Gardening, Birdhouses, Backyard Birding

I bought this “green roof” birdhouse a few years ago on our anniversary trip to Mentone. I love picking out a plant to put on the roof every spring.

Gardening, Birdhouses, Backyard Birding

This spring when I walked out to survey my birdhouse and check to see if it needed new potting soil, I noticed a hole in the side wall of the birdhouse.

Gardening, Birdhouses, Backyard Birding

At first I thought maybe there had been a knot in the wood there and it had fallen out. Upon closer inspection, I realized that something, some animal, had made this new hole.

Gardening, Birdhouses, Backyard Birding

As spring came, and birds began to nest, I began to see a bird coming and going out of the side hole of my birdhouse.Β I decided not to plant anything on top, so that water would not harm any potential babies that might be inside.

Gardening, Birdhouses, Backyard Birding

I knew when I bought it, that the original hole was too small for most birds, but I didn’t realize that they would make their own entrance hole! It took me a long while to actually figure out that it is a mocking bird nesting here. They will sit on those trellises before they enter the birdhouse.

Maybe one day I’ll catch them in a photo.




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    • gwingal says:

      I had considered that they might make the original hole bigger, but not that they’d make an entirely new one! πŸ™‚

  1. Everyday Living says:

    Thanks for sharing at Gardens Galore. Mockingbirds always build in my rose arbor and can be pesky! When Oreo (our cat) was living, they would swoop down at him if he walked under the arbor. Don’t we love Mentone?

  2. JaneEllen says:

    Guess that mockingbird thought your birdhouse was right spot to have her babies and nest, smart bird. Birds can be quite determined.
    We had a blue bird which came every Spring to make nest up in roof overhang on our pole shed in MT. She didn’t seem to mind we had a cat. She had made a bit of a hole in side of pole shed for her nest under over hang. We didn’t plug it up since we thought she’d be back and she was.
    You have beautiful yard, do you live out in country? Looks so pretty and restful.
    Love your birdhouse, rustic and beautiful.
    Enjoy rest of week and weekend

    • gwingal says:

      Hi JaneEllen, We have had bluebirds nest every year since we moved in. And a couple of years we’ve had doves nest on the front porch. So fun to watch. πŸ™‚

  3. Grammy Dee says:

    When you said it was a mockingbird I instantly thought about Alabama’s very own Harper Lee who wrote To Kill a Mockingbird. I haven’t seen them but I hear woodpeckers all the time. Maybe I’m hearing mockingbirds, huh? Thank you Nikki for attending the #WednesdayAIMLinkParty. I pinned your post on Pinterest and shared it on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

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