One thing leads to another…

One thing leads to another…

When Mr. Menace bought the antique warehouse scales, I had to locate the best place in our house to showcase them. They are so special that I wanted them where they would be seen every single day, so the obvious choice was the living room. And one thing leads to another…

Antique Warehouse Scales, Staycation, Plants & Pottery

The pale yellow wall allows the scale itself to be the focal point. I do plan to paint the a/c vent to match the wall, so that it isn’t distracting, and also get the electrical cords corralled. That should give it a more clean and completed look.

This, however, is the finished look! In order to move in a new piece, something had to go and that created a whole chain reaction of events.

Mr. Menace had moved in this butcher block nearly a year ago and it was placed in the living room temporarily.  So before we could install the new warehouse scale, the butcher block table had to be moved out.

butcher block tables, warehouse scales, home decor

This squarish block table needed to sit in the kitchen under the window. Now, you realize this means, that the table that was already sitting there had to be moved.

Kitchen furniture, butcher block tables, drink station

This long rectangle butcher block table needed to be moved to the study to sit underneath the wall of wood boxes. But of course, before THAT could happen, the loveseat that was sitting under the wooden box display had to be moved.

Western theme decor, country decor, study decor

This loveseat was rarely used. The only time anyone sat on it was if we had company, so I decided it wasn’t worth keeping something we didn’t need for just a couple of days use a year.

I must take just a moment to thank Kate at House of Hollingsworth Blog for featuring my scales, and butcher blocks, and all the changes that led to my Coffee Bar and several other Coffee Bars. You should take a look. Thank you Kate!

I was Featured!



I listed the loveseat for sale on some local yard sale sites. It took about 2 weeks, but it was pretty easy to sell it, since it was basically brand new. Now that the space was vacant, it was time to move the long rectangular butcher block table to this spot.



The difficult part about moving this table was actually the meat scale that sat on top. This scale takes two people to move it. One person could do it, but really shouldn’t. So we moved it off the table and then we were able to just slide the table from it’s current position to its new position.

Butcher block table, Kitchen decor, kitchen furniture


So now that the spot under the kitchen window is available, it was time to move the squarish butcher block table here. This was going to be the challenge.

Mr. Menace built a cart that could hold the weight and used a jack to maneuver it onto the cart. He is a master at moving heavy objects by himself.

Butcher block table, kitchen furniture, kitchen decor

Once I saw the table in its new home, I KNEW what I wanted to do. I have been seeing coffee bars all over Pinterest and blogs and I WANTED  one. This was going to work perfectly!kitchen furniture, butcher block table, hot chocolate bar

I moved my blue shelf to sit beside the table to hold the cups and mugs, the coffee, hot chocolate, and tea bags, and the sugar, sweetener, and the honey from our very own ANGRY BEE APIARY!kitchen furniture, butcher block table, coffee station

Kitchen furniture, coffee station, butcher block table

I liked it best before we put the meat scale back on the butcher block, but that’s where it has to sit, so I can live with it.
kitchen furniture, butcher block tables, meat scales, hot chocolate station

I am loving the coffee/hot chocolate/tea station!



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  1. Lisa Hollowell says:

    The “Dominion Effect”! This happens to me for boring things – like trying to clean up. Ex. the pile of papers on the floor need to be filed. But I can’t fit them in the file until I clean out the file cabinet. Etc. All your relocated items look especially nice in person! 🙂

    • gwingal says:

      We have lived in this house for 6 years now. Every winter I say that I am going to get our paperwork organized and out of boxes. But, its just not that simple. I have to clean out the desk and find a place for all that stuff. And I have to clean out the play room so I can get to the filing cabinet. And just what DO I DO with that stuff??? I know exactly where you are coming from LIsa.

      • Lisa Hollowell says:

        Yes! The WHAT DO I DO with the stuff is a huge problem! That’s why piles just get shifted around. I’ve made some progress but it is slow. I know it’s hard for the boys to totally clean up their stuff because not everything has “a home.”

    • gwingal says:

      Carol, looks are NOT deceiving! The long butcher block table is probably 400 hundred pounds. The small squarish table is around 600 lbs. And those warehouse scales are nothing to sneeze at either at around 400-500 lbs. 🙂

  2. Pat @ Bringing French Country Home says:

    After reading the comment you left on my post (of the same name as yours), I had to hop over to your blog and read how you managed one thing leading to another. I got a kick out of your story but everything turned out perfectly. Especially love the butcher block and scale. Guess it’s a pretty common “problem,” one I think we actually enjoy tackling. The end result is so worth it. Hugs, Pat

    • gwingal says:

      Hi Pat! Thanks for coming over. I was laughing when I read your post yesterday as it was almost exactly like mine. hahaha

    • gwingal says:

      Thanks Sue! I am excited (almost) for winter to get here so I can indulge on hot chocolates from my new beverage station. 🙂

  3. Capt Jill says:

    yep, one thing always leads to another. I congratulate you for actually finishing a project!
    Mine are all just half started. My house looks like an explosion in a pawn shop!

    • gwingal says:

      Thanks Teresa! I am excited about the beverage station. I don’t drink coffee but I have hot chocolate, and tea there too. Thanks for visiting. 🙂

    • gwingal says:

      You know…. the ONLY problem that I had with getting rid of that loveseat was the fact that you said how you liked sitting there with your coffee. Love you! 🙂

  4. Joyce says:

    This is delightful! Crystal beat me to saying the story reminded me of “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie!” I have a butcher block too. When we remodeled the kitchen it had to go – it’s just out in the garage. I don’t have the heart to sell it!

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