Woodpecker or Nuthatch?

Woodpecker or Nuthatch?

We are away on our trip to New England so I thought I’d leave you a video to watch. I was outside last weekend and I kept hearing a woodpecker. That is an unmistakable noise when they are at work! Or so I thought. When I finally located him, here is what I saw.

I apologize for the movement, but I had my phone zoomed in and I was walking closer to him to get a better picture. It is hard to hold steady in zoom mode.

After doing some research I am beginning to think this is a nuthatch. He is working upside down a lot and that is a trait of nuthatches. Also I could not find a woodpecker that did not have a black streak by his eye, so that leads me to believe this is a white breasted nuthatch. Nuthatches also have shorter stubbier tails than woodpeckers and this birds tail is quite short.

I will be back next week and will catch up with you all and I look forward to sharing my trip with you.




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  1. Lisa Hollowell says:

    That is a nuthatch! We have plenty of them here. I’ve never seen one do that before – fascinating. Woodpeckers are faster and more rhythmic in their pecking. I’ll have to show this video to Solomon – he loves birds too. I look forward to hearing all about your trip!

    • gwingal says:

      I knew a nuthatch was the upside down bird…. but I sure didn’t know they’d peck on my building! I guess I need to spray it for bugs. 🙂

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