My October in a Sentence a Day!

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My Month in a Sentence a Day

October 1 Sunday

Loaded up the leftovers from yesterday’s yard sale to take to the thrift store, via Waffle House for breakfast.

Thrift Store donation, yard sale

October 2 Monday

Met a lady to sell an antique set of dishes that didn’t sell at our Yard Sale on Saturday. She was so happy to get them. Her mother had the same pattern when she was growing up.

October 3 Tuesday

Hair color day!

October 4 Wednesday

SIL and BIL came over to discuss plans for next weeks New England trip, so they got to help us eat my delicious low carb lasagna.

October 5 Thursday

Washing clothes after work so I can begin packing.

October 6 Friday

Date night at El Barrio (Read my list of fav restaurants HERE.)

October 7 Saturday

Washed more clothes, filled hummingbird feeders and packed

October 8 Sunday

Got up at 2:30am for our 5:45 flight, and was too excited to sleep on the flight any!

travel, New England, flying from AL to ME, from South to North

October 9 Monday

Rainy day in New England is better than any day at work. From our condo in Lincoln, NH to Windsor VT today, with stops in between.

October 10 Tuesday

Drove to Kittery Maine, with stops at Plymouth, Meredith and Alton, New Hampshire. Met Up with TWO long time Facebook friends! FUN!

Facebook friends meetup

October 11 Wednesday

Did some fishing on a Lobster Boat in Portland Maine!

October 12 Thursday

The Flume Gorge is quite a sight to see in Lincoln, NH, but it’s quite a hike and all up-hill, so be prepared for that.

October 13 Friday

My favorite outing was today at the observatory on the top of Mount Washington, and riding the Cog Railway to get there was neat too!

October 14 Saturday

The last day of vacation and we walked around the adorable town of Kennebunk Maine. Lots of shops and picturesque sights.

October 15 Sunday

Got some great sunrise pictures from above the clouds, a definite perk to getting up at 3 am.

vacation, above the clouds, sunrise, airplane pictures

October 16 Monday

Well, the workday went fast, but I was HUNGRY all day long! That’s what I get for eating with abandon last week. But oh so worth it.

October 17 Tuesday

Harvested a bunch of herbs this afternoon for drying.

October 18 Wednesday

Sold the last left-over yard sale item today! WOOP! WOOP!

October 19 Thursday

Middle school football game after work to watch our granddaughter cheer and represent 7th grade on the Homecoming Court.

October 20 Friday

I know we all have different opinions, but I felt an overwhelming pride for my country, our military, and our flag as I stood there and listened to the US Marine playing taps, and then watched two young Marines folding the US flag and hand it to the family of a Veteran who was at Iwo Jima and I had to wonder how anyone who has EVER watched this live can possibly refuse to stand for the flag at any occasion.

October 21 Saturday

Enjoyed looking around at the open house of a new home decor store in town. Sad to report that I did not win one of the door prizes.

October 22 Sunday

Saw Victoria and Abdul tonight; its my kind of movie.

October 23 Monday

Quiet day at the office since most of the guys were absent.

October 24 Tuesday

I read this blog postΒ today and it inspired me so much that when I got home from work I created this herbal bouquet.

Herb Garden, Herbal Bouquet, Fresh Herbs, Eucalyptus, Dill, Rosemary, Purple Basil, Fennel,

October 25 Wednesday

Participated in the Fantastic Fifty Fall Blog Hop today and it was an incredible boost to my blog!

October 26 Thursday

Spent the day researching and organizing some office files and tying up loose ends. There must be a better way.

October 27 Friday

Date night at Carrabba’sΒ in my newest Stitchfix top.

Midlife fashion, Lipsense Plum, Stitchfix, Mixed Threads Velvet Off shoulder top, Carrabbas

October 28 Saturday

I love Saturdays: Slept a little late, cooked breakfast, shopped at home decor/antique store, visited with granddaughters and held the baby, picked up limbs and sticks in the yard, washed a few clothes, worked a little on straightening up garage, cooked supper, sat in hot tub, watched world series, worked on blog.

October 29 Sunday

Serenaded by our retired bosslady after supper. I sure admire pianists.

October 30 Monday

Made this Pumpkin Ale Mac and CheeseΒ as a test run for lunch at work tomorrow. YUM! (and I am not a pumpkin fan)

October 31 Tuesday

Lunch at the office today. Lots of fun, food and fellowship!


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    • gwingal says:

      Thanks Lisa! And thanks for sharing with Bubba. You can join in this sentence a day if you’d like! Just start writing it up and near the end of the month I will share the code with you to link up with the other participants. πŸ™‚

  1. mommyhon333 says:

    Followed your link to the pumpkin mac-n-cheese recipe. Oh, my gravy. Sounds so very scrumptious.

    Your New England trip sounds delightful. I really, really want to revisit that area. PC and I need to make some plans. But then there’s the beach and that cruise, too!!

    I am all for freedom of speech but hate to see what I consider disrespectful behavior toward our flag, too. Watched a video of people on a plane pushing to get off although they had been asked to sit in respect until the body of a soldier was removed first. So sad.

    Your berry-colored top is lovely on you. Great lip color, too. Wow, you sure clean up good, girl!

    • gwingal says:

      Thanks so much Jo. You will love the mac and cheese! Although I should have noted that I could not find pumpkin ale, so I bought ale and pumpkin spice and it was delicious! πŸ™‚

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