Dinner and a Movie with Stitch Fix

Dinner and a Movie with Stitch Fix


Mr. Menace and I have a standing Friday night date night but we didn’t get to go this weekend, so Saturday we went out for dinner and a movie.

Midlife Style, Over 50 Fashion, Blush Pink Booties

About two weekends ago, I was doing a little bit of Christmas shopping and as usual I was finding a LOT of stuff that I wanted for myself! I was in Burke’s Outlet and saw these cute booties in the very trendy Blush Pink color and they just happened to be in my size.

Midlife Style, Over 50 Fashion, Blush Pink Booties

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Since I purchased them, we had not been out on a date that was appropriate for these heels, so I was excited to get the opportunity to finally wear them.

Midlife Style, Over 50 Fashion, Blush Pink Booties

Now here is the awesomely freaky coincidence that just makes my outfit special… I’ve been ordering some gifts online and when I checked the mail one day last week there were a couple of small packages in it. One was a gift I had ordered as I expected, but the other one contained a Christmas card from Stitch Fix and a gift for me! Believe it or not, it was the perfectly matching Blush Pink cross body bag!

Midlife Style, Over 50 Fashion, Blush Pink Cross Body bag, Stitch Fix

I have NEVER had matching shoes and purse before!

Midlife Style, Over 50 Fashion, Blush Pink Booties

I decided the best way to show off my new pale pink accessories was with black. My black jeans (more like jeggings) and my black cold shoulder sweater worked as the perfect backdrop. The sweater is from Stitch Fix and was sent to me before we went on our New England Fall trip. Featuring smallish cutouts on the shoulders, notice you can’t even see one of them in my pictures, it would be a great option if you are new to the cold shoulder look. The brand is Cotton Emporium Sharlyn Col Shoulder Pullover. It has split sides and the back is longer than the front which makes a nice silhouette.

I really need to find a better way to take outfit pictures, but I haven’t been able to figure that out yet. Forgive my dirty mirror, appliance cords, real life bathroom selfies.

The only jewelry I needed was some large statement earrings since the gold chain on the purse was enough bling around the neck.

Midlife Style, Over 50 Fashion, Blush Pink cross body bag, Stitch Fix, Blush Pink booties

Before we went to Jack Brown’s Beer & Burgers for supper, we first made a stop at Princeton Hospital to visit Mr. Menace’s cousin. There was a lady just inside the doors, and as we were looking for the information desk, she stopped me and said, “Your booties are great! Oh! AND your purse! I know what you need, there is a wrap here in the gift shop… I just bought it myself yesterday and it is the same color.”

And, even though the gift shop was closed, she proceeded to find the wrap through the windows and closed doors in order to show me the one she was talking about. She was very insistent that it would complete my outfit, and that she loved what I was wearing. Such a small thing to tell someone you like their outfit, but it sure is a boost to this midlife girl’s confidence.

Midlife Style, Over 50 Fashion, Blush Pink Booties, Blush Pink cross body bag, Stitch Fix

If you would like to see more midlife date night style, click HERE and if you would like to know more about Stitch Fix, you can read more detailed information in THIS POST.

Need a quick gift? How about a gift card?  Stitch Fix Gift Card – Print-At-Home

Or gift card via email! Stitch Fix Gift Card – Email

These are my first items in the blush pink color. How about you?




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  1. Leslie Clingan says:

    Boy, can I relate to the struggle of taking good selfies for a fashion post. If everything in the background is good in my picture, then my bra strap is showing, or I have a muffin top. Ugh. Going to work on all angles of this photography stuff in the coming year.

    Your booties and matching bag are darling. Did you buy the wrap in the gift shop? I am like you, a compliment goes a long way these days. Such a sweet lady to recognize your great style.

    • gwingal says:

      Hi Leslie! Those selfies are so tough…. but I don’t know what the solution is. I did not get the wrap yet because the gift shop was closed, but I may go back by there if I can remember where that hospital is. LOL Thanks for stopping by again. 🙂

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