There’s No Place Like Home

I’m a Tarheel born and a Tarheel bred,

and when I die, I’ll be a Tarheel dead.


I am from the east coast of North Carolina, although I have now lived in Alabama for more years than IΒ  ever lived in NC. My siblings and their families still live in NC and so does my Mama.

Eastern North Carolina, Down East, Raleigh, Moncure NC,

My brother’s view from his back yard near Raleigh NC.

Flights home are rather expensive, although, if I am the only one traveling, flying is sometimes the cheapest mode of travel. But I prefer that Mr. Menace go with me and so it is usually much cheaper to drive the 600 miles.

Eastern North Carolina, Down East, Raleigh, Moncure NC,

On the road driving east from Raleigh towards Mama’s.

We decided to stop at my brother’s on the way and visit with them, give the kids their gifts, spend the night and then drive on to Mama’s the next day.

Eastern North Carolina, Down East, Raleigh, Moncure NC,

The GPS on the rental car shows just how far east we are going. That’s a lot of water!

Eastern North Carolina, Down East, Long Acre, NC

Carolina Blue skies behind the Weaving Shed

When I tell people that I am from NC they naturally assume western NC and figure my drive to only be 3/4 hours and are shocked to find out it’s an 11 hour drive when only stopping for gas.Β Eastern North Carolina, Down East, Long Acre NC, weaving shed

I only get to see my Mama 2-3 times a year, which isn’t enough, but we try to get as much out of our visits as we can. I always tell her to make a list of things she’d like help with while I am there and we try to mark as many items off the list as we can. This trip she really wanted help getting her weaving shed cleaned up and some things moved so that she could comfortably and safely move around in there and do some things she wants to do on her own.

*Many Thanks to Karren over at Oh My Heartsie Girl for featuring this post on her blog! I’m #5 on her list.*

Eastern North Carolina, Down East, Long Acre NC, weaving shed

This isn’t a totally finished AFTER photo, but it is an after photo of what we intended to do, which was to get it organized enough that she could go out there and work safely. I didn’t take any before pictures, but imagine a room with stuff strewn around so that walking was difficult.

Eastern North Carolina, Down East, Long Acre NC, weaving shed,

We threw away some trash, vacuumed the floors, hung some decor on the walls, and rearranged furniture to fit the room better and to leave some open space for walking.

Eastern North Carolina, Down East, Long Acre NC, weaving shed, weaving loom

Eastern North Carolina, Down East, Long Acre NC, weaving shed

And the thing that started the whole project?

Eastern North Carolina, Down East, Long Acre NC, weaving shed, weaving loomMama wanted to put candles in the windows for Christmas. She had them in the past and the flickering light (battery operated) in the windows was a welcoming sight when pulling into her driveway year ’round. But when she went into the weaving shed to put the candles, she realized what a mess she had.

Eastern North Carolina, Down East, Long Acre NC, weaving shed, weaving loom

Eastern North Carolina, Down East, Long Acre NC, weaving shed, weaving loom

Eastern North Carolina, Down East, Long Acre NC, weaving shed, weaving loom

The loft holds most of her weaving looms.

Eastern North Carolina, Down East, Long Acre NC, weaving shed, weaving loom

I thoroughly enjoyed my day playing with the antiques and you know I love home decor and rearranging furniture, so this was just a FUN day for me. And being able to help my mama with a project that she needed done was a bonus.

Do you like to have lists to work off of? Are your parents still with you? How often do you get to see them?





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  1. Lisa Hollowell says:

    The weaving shed looks GREAT! I love exploring it. You all did a wonderful job. Love that it all started from the desire to put candles in the windows! πŸ™‚

    • gwingal says:

      I’ve always thought of moving to new places as an adventure. That kept me from becoming too melancholy about missing my family. I hope you get to visit your home Christine. πŸ™‚

  2. Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly says:

    That is a ton of travel time! I am an only child of an only child so thankfully I do not have to deal with any travel chaos over the holidays. It is great that you got to help her with her project and that it branched out into a little something extra! πŸ™‚
    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly recently posted…Did you watch @kencen #KCHonors? Congrats to the honorees: @GloriaEstefan ‏@LionelRichie ‏@llcoolj @CarmenDances @GloriaEstefan @TheNormanLearMy Profile

    • gwingal says:

      My mama has been weaving chair seats for many years, I guess since the 70’s. And she has been weaving baskets since the 80’s. And she started collecting looms and spinning wheels while she was in the antiques business, but as far as weaving fabric, I guess maybe since the 90’s. She is a talented lady. Thanks for visiting Marci. πŸ™‚

  3. Rachel says:

    I’m lucky enough to live literally a stone’s throw ( well a long one) from my folks. When my husband and I got married my dad gifted us some acreage for us to start a home and family on. I realize I’m lucky to have my parents available! Your mother’s weaving shed looks beautiful and so many wonderful memories I’m sure. I enjoyed reading. I came over from Growing Garden Blog Hop.

    • gwingal says:

      That is so awesome Rachel. My sister is like you and lives just a short distance from our parents house and her inlaws gave them property next to theirs so she was surrounded by family. I am a bit jealous of that. Thanks for visiting with me! πŸ™‚

  4. Shelbee on the Edge says:

    Nikki, I totally got all the feels from this post! And I love your mama’s weaving shed! I want a place like that for writing. So beautiful and peaceful. Thank you for giving us a peak into your life!

    Thanks so much for joining my last #SpreadTheKindness Link Up of 2017! Stay tuned for the new link up tomorrow.

    Happy New Year!

  5. Karren Haller says:

    I love that you have shared your mamma’s space, I have enjoyed your pictures and reading your trip. I’m sure that she appreciates that you took time to help her clean and organize and will enjoy being in her creative space.

    Thanks for stopping by last week, I am featuring it this week on Oh My Heartsie Girls WW, stop by and link again!! #omhgww
    Happy New Year!!!

  6. Natasha says:

    That shed looks amazing! I love places like that, so full of history and cool things that make other cool things. I feel like growing up in the city (which I love by the way) I missed out on so much awesomeness in my youth, and now I’m trying to play catch-up. Here’s to hoping you get more visits with your Mama this year.

    • gwingal says:

      I do love her weaving shed! She has so many fun things to look at and talk about and learn. I understand loving the city too. We live just 20 minutes away from the city where we can go and eat fantastic foods from award winning chefs and see shows and do all kinds of things. I love all that stuff too. But I’d also love to have a farm! haha But I’d want a couple of farm hands to help me… Thanks for stopping by Natasha πŸ™‚

    • gwingal says:

      We had so much fun working on it together. I just don’t get these opportunities very often so it was special. Thanks for enjoying it with me. πŸ™‚

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